Grizzly Bears of Knight Inlet

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Experience the thrill of a lifetime watching grizzly bears catch salmon in the Glendale River of Knight Inlet These coastal grizzlies, also called brown or Kodiak bears in Alaska, are up to 400 lbs heavier than their interior relatives because of the abundant salmon.

Fall is when the bears need to pile on fat for winter hibernation. Bald eagles are the first to spot salmon as they make their way up the inlet. Grizzlies are drawn to the river by the smell of fish, they come over the mountain passes and swim the inlets following their noses to Glendale Cove.

By the end of August the salmon are running at the river mouth. The bears are chasing the fish around in the low tide pools …. Lots of fun! Watch grizzlies at the river mouth flats on youtube:


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Often our viewing skiff is right in the river.  Eagles dive down to snatch salmon, charging bears chase fish up onto a gravel bar.

Every bear has its own preferred fishing technique. Some like to stand in a riffle and pounce when an unsuspecting salmon goes by. Other bears run around trying to corner salmon against the bank.
grizzly chases salmon

The big bears hog the hot spots, growling off any newcomers. There is plenty of fish, but grizzly bears get annoyed when another bear approaches.

Bears fight, but they have evolved ways not to get hurt, like this couple dancing the salsa:


Other bears use less energy, they snorkel along at a leisurely pace, snatching up remains of fish that other bears have partly eaten.

Bald eagles are everywhere, waiting for their chance to swoop down on fish scrapes.  Bring lots of film. Be ready for action!

Tide Rip Tours offers the only day trips by water taxi from Telegraph Cove to see the grizzlies in Knight Inlet.

Pink salmon adults on the spawning grounds (above).

Enjoy a great lunch amidst the  splendid scenery of Knight Inlet.  No, the cubs to the right can have their fish…. we will bring your own lunch. Tours depart 7am, return 4pm.

The Department of Fisheries helicopter flight over Knight Inlet on August 29, 2011 reported low numbers in the Glendale River system, only 36,000 pink salmon returned. Next flight on September 6 reported 63,000 pink salmon spread though-out the Glendale system, about 25% of the brood year count. The bears were scattered along the whole river, feasting on the wild salmon run.

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