“The Grizzly Bears of Glendale Cove” DVD Video

“The Grizzly Bears of Glendale Cove” DVD

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A Journey to the Grizzly Bears of the Great Bear Rain Forest on the British Columbia coast. Stunning images of the  grizzly bears seen on Tide Rip bear tours. Glendale Cove is in Knight Inlet on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada and is considered by many to be the premier wilderness destination in the country. See footage of the grizzly bears feeding on salmon, relaxing, playing, and going about their daily life. Watch as grizzly cubs attempt to catch pink salmon in the Glendale River. See fresh footage of the cutest white-coloured grizzly cub!

Created by Northern Lights Film.

DVD includes:

  • Grizzly Bear Documentary
  • Tide Rip Expedition
  • Slide Show.

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DVD *Grizzly Bears of Glendale Cove*
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